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The best advertisement is the one made by satisfied customers.


Who we are

Dalina Agency, in a few words.

The start

Dalina Agency was born out of the desire of two people with a vision to get to the next level.

Team experience

We have over 10 years experience in this field and we are here to help you create a winning marketing strategy.

What we offer

We bring professional services for you, which will generate more traffic and conversions, that will increase the turnover of your business, helping you have a strong advantage in front of your competitors.


What we offer

Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing. We help you bring your product to the people who most need it, the ultimate buyer.
  • Instagram Marketing. A properly placed call to action, a good copy and a well-defined target audience will ensure the success of your business.
Website development

Presentation sites for your company, e-commerce sites, product catalog, custom websites.

Chatbot Marketing

Faster and more efficient communication with customers. Send messages and keep them up to date with your offers.

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24 March 2020


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We are convinced that you can do beautiful things online, but we do them with experience, hundreds of hours of study and many satisfied customers.